As of January 1, 2017, I am working from home, on a part time basis. My colleague Kent Parsons has taken over the downtown Toronto law practice. As many of my clients know, I have worked with Kent for several years. Like me, he is client-centred and provides careful expert advice to help our clients achieve their goals.

Kent and I continue as in the past to collaborate on real estate, mortgage, corporate and business files, wills, powers of attorney and estates. This will continue for the foreseeable future. For most clients the transfer of the practice will be quite transparent.  

To contact Kent Parsons:
Address: 200 - 65 Queen St. W., Toronto, ON M5H 2M5
Phone: 416-847-0307
Fax: 416-363-0902

To contact Ken Cohen:
Phone: 416-818-9837
Fax: 416-363-0902

Please note that after December 31, 2016:

• Phone calls to 416-363-6801 will be answered by Kent in most cases.

• You can continue to reach me directly at 416-818-9837.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call me or Kent.

Ken Cohen

Our legal services include:

Business law, including:
  • Incorporating, organizing and reorganizing corporations, including tax planned reorganizations (with your accountant)
  • Purchases, sales, mergers and financings of businesses
  • Professional incorporations and licencing for dentists, physicians and other professionals
  • Business agreements
  • Shareholder and partnership agreements
  • Not-for-profit corporations
  • Commercial leasing
  • Routine corporate record-keeping
Real estate law, including:
  • Homes - Buying, selling and mortgaging houses, condominiums, co-ops, co-ownerships, life leases
  • Commercial and industrial real estate purchases, sales, and financings
  • Rural properties, including farms and cottages
  • Professional opinions for various purposes including litigation
Estate Planning and Estates, including:
  • Wills, including corporate and other specialized wills
  • Powers of Attorney for property
  • Powers of Attorney for personal care (“living wills”)
  • Estate administration after someone dies, including probating of wills
We do not work in the following areas (we refer these clients to other lawyers):
  • Criminal law
  • Family law (separation, divorce, marriage contracts etc.)
  • Civil litigation (lawsuits). We have capable litigation lawyers in our office.
  • Employment law
  • Torts (such as car accidents and other kinds of negligence)
  • Immigration law
  • Residential tenancies
Our approach:
  • We practice law because we enjoy the work, our clients and the colleagues we work with.
  • We have two location:
    • Downtown Toronto, where Kent's office is located
    • My home in northern Toronto.
    • We will travel to elderly or disabled clients.
  • Our goals:
    • To work in your best interest.
    • To keep you out of trouble.
    • To complete your matter accurately, thoroughly and for a reasonable price.
    • To give practical, understandable, cost-effective advice, based on four decades of experience, knowledge and ongoing learning.
    • To communicate with you regularly and patiently.
    • To have you feel comfortable working with us.
  • We do not operate a law factory. Your matter is not placed on an assembly line. Clients contact us directly by phone and email.
  • We keep an open mind. We welcome your thoughts because they may help us do the best job for you.

Our Clients:
  • My clients are people from all walks of life, of every age and background. Small, medium and large businesses. Individuals born in Canada and in countries world-wide. Young people starting out in the world. Working people. Professionals. Retired people.
Client confidentiality
  • Maintaining client confidentiality is the heart of the Lawyer-Client relationship. Among my most important obligations to you is never to violate this relationship. I take your privacy very seriously.
Legal fees
  • For many matters, we can provide a fixed legal fee. For other matters we charge by the time we spend working for you. Our fees are reasonable and competitive, not the cheapest in town but much less costly than many law firms.
  • You should never hesitate to discuss fees with us.
Ken Cohen's experience beyond the office
  • Teaching. Ken led seminar classes for lawyer candidates in Ontario for several years on behalf of the Law Society of Upper Canada (the body that governs Ontario lawyers) until it dispensed with the teaching program. Ken enjoys teaching new lawyers.
  • Tutoring. On behalf of the Law Society, Ken has tutored many lawyer candidates referred to him for help in preparing for their bar exams.
  • Legal writing. For many years Ken has been responsible for preparing some of the Law Society's candidate real estate study materials for the Ontario bar examinations.
  • Lecturing. Ken has over the years given talks at professional seminars, client training programs, and continuing education courses.
  • Pro bono (volunteer) work. Ken handled legal work without charge for certain charities including over 35 year working pro bono for a major Canadian charitable organization, and from time to time Ken provides services without charge for other special clients.

Last edited July 2, 2017