[This is very obviously not a legal topic. It's a bit of humour about my son David.]

Let me be perfectly clear: I am not a snob. Nor a comedian. Nor, as you can readily see for yourself, a web site designer. Now you’ve been warned! Nevertheless ...
This is beautiful downtown Moose Jaw, (Saskatchewan. (It IS shocking to see that there are Canadian cities without bike lanes! What is wrong with these people? Please join the war on cars: contact Toronto's mayor for more information.)


David below, 1992 - he still looks the same except bigger and bearded. This young city slicker was delighted to travel to Moose Jaw on business in early 2013. The gorgeous photo above, amateurishly edited by your correspondent (that’s me in snobbish news reporter language), showcases Moose Jaw's features. It was snapped by David whilst driving on Main Street (presumably the name).


Moose Jaw has fine amenities and much to see and do. David had a bit of time available for touring beer halls and getting acquainted with the locals. A memorable time was had by all.

David particularly appreciated the city’s perfectly flat landscape, which helped a tad the fuel economy of his rented GMC Yukon sporty-utility truck.


Regrettably David had to spend most of his time working. I’m not sure what he does, but I think it involves matrixing interactive business systems in order to enable best-of-breed benefits for functional Oracle bottom line business builders.

David’s journey eventually had to end. He has missed Moose Jaw since returning to wife Amy, and little son Joel who is the darling of his grandfather's life and the apple of his grandma's eye. David said to me, referring to Moose Jaw: "I shall return."

David also enjoys visits with his family in that other big Canadian city 250 miles southwest of Ottawa that, as we all know, is the real pride, heart and soul of our country. A self-styled world class city around which Canada shall revolve forever. Aren't we the greatest here in TO? Oh Canada …


Postscript: just days after I posted this, David returned! He was arrested in Ottawa by the RCMP on an interprovincial Saskatchewan warrant and dragged back to Moose Jaw by a matrixed system to answer charges of driving while under the influence of an electronic device. Evidently someone back in Sask saw the illegally photographed photo of beautiful downtown Moose Jaw which I posted above (sorry Dave, but it serves you right: pay your own darned legal bills).

Sadly, dad the big shot Queen Street lawyer doesn’t know a single criminal lawyer in Moose Jaw - can you believe it? - so poor David had to fend for himself. Sentenced to 30 days thrashing wheat, he promptly threw his back out - this happens to city slickers a lot - and was flown home at (Ontario) taxpayer expense for medical treatment. His employer is not pleased and may hire my firm to sue the city of Moose Jaw.

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