Kenneth J. Cohen, Barrister and Solicitor ("KCLaw")

From January 1, 2004, all businesses engaged in commercial activities must comply with the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (the “Act”) and the Canadian Standards Association Model Code for the protection of personal information. The Act gives you legal rights concerning the privacy of your personal information.

In addition, Canadian lawyers are bound by strict professional rules not to disclose any information which clients provide or disclose to us. Client confidentiality is a fundamental legal principle and is an essential part of the rule of law in a free and democratic society.

Kenneth J. Cohen, Barrister and Solicitor (“KCLaw”) is responsible for the personal information we collect and hold. To ensure this accountability, we have developed these policies.

Why we collect personal information

KCLaw collects personal information for the following limited purposes:

  • to comply with laws and regulations regarding client identification

  • so that we can provide you with accurate, complete and timely legal information, advice and representation

  • so that we can communicate with you quickly and efficiently

What personal information do we collect?
Personal information is any information
  • that identifies you, or

  • by which your identity could be deduced, or

  • that you have provided to us for any reason.

We restrict the collection of personal information to information necessary for the purposes noted above. We are committed to collecting personal information in a fair, open and lawful manner. In most cases, we will ask you to consent specifically if we collect, use, or disclose your personal information. Sometimes, your consent may be implied through your conduct with us.

How do we collect personal information?
This may occur in several ways:
  • during discussions with you in person or by telephone or other electronic means

  • by taking written or typed notes to record what you tell us

  • by emails, faxes and paper documents we receive from you

We never make video or audio recordings of you or your voice without your specific consent to our doing so. Only rarely do we make such requests.

Use of your information
Maintaining client confidentiality is at the core of the solicitor and client relationship. It is our primary goal never to violate this relationship. We take your privacy very seriously.

We use your personal information to represent your interests and complete necessary legal work on your behalf in the matters for which you have retained us to act.

We do not provide your information to third parties except as instructed by you and only as necessary in order for us to represent you properly. Your instructions may be explicit or implied, and may be given orally or in writing. KCLaw never discloses your personal information to any third party to enable them to market their products and services.

For example, if we represent you in a purchase of real estate, and your mortgage lender requests confirmation of your address or date of birth, we will provide this information as long as it is information which the lender genuinely requires in order to provide its services. If we are in doubt about providing your personal information, we will contact you or ask the third party to contact you directly.

KCLaw stores and maintains personal information in conformity with the
requirements of the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act and the model code for the protection of personal information created and approved by the Canadian Standards Association. Information is stored in paper files and notes, and on electronic media. Our computers and the off-site backup computer services ("cloud storage") we employ use modern encryption technology and meet strict security standards for information storage.

Disclosure of your personal information
Under certain circumstances, we will disclose your personal
information in any of the following situations:


    We are always happy to answer any questions that you may have regarding the collection and maintenance of personal information. You may ask for access to any personal information we hold about you.


    KCLaw is committed to maintaining accurate, complete and up-to-date personal information. If you are aware of changes to the personal information you have given to us, simply inform us of the changes and we will update our records accordingly.

    Communicating with us

    Email is not a 100% secure medium. Please be aware of this when contacting us by email to send personal or confidential information.

    Requests For Access

    If you have any questions or wish to access your personal information, please contact
    Kenneth J. Cohen
    Tel. 416-818-9837